Circle K Corporation District Office, Albuquerque, NM

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Circle K Corporation District Office
87122 Albuquerque
New Mexico
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Convenience Store
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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Horrible experience I go to the Circle K every single day on 5605 4th St. their phone number is 505-34 4-1009. It was just really wonderful person there her name is Tammy she's Native American young lady that's been working there for a long time to treat everyone with kindness and respect the walking early in the morning she says good morning and afternoon good afternoon she could be busy as hell and never stops stops what she's doing to say hello and how are you there is a mean lady there her name is Darlene I figure that's just a grumpy attitude sees me there every day as well I buy cigarettes there every morning I buy the traffic short menthols every day. Some days I take my grandson since we could get the $.89 hi seas or the 69th and sodas fishing on the weekends because of their price today I walked in with my grandson who is 17 years old to help me with the sodas because I needed to buy for sodas of course I can't carry them myself so we went and bought the sodas and I asked this Darlene lady I need to get a pack of traffic mental spot my idea because I know you have to ask for ID have no problem with that I'm 57 years old . She continues to tell me she cannot sell me cigarettes because my grandson is standing next to me holding the sodas I said to her signature for me you know that I come in here every day she said I cannot tell you the secret because he standing there I said I do not buy signature my grandson why would I do something stupid like that anyway out as my grandson to go outside get the sodas to the boys in the truck. Came back in and she said I cannot sell you those cigarettes because I know your grandson is with you I asked him to stay in the truck and I went in by myself so I could buy the cigarettes she refused because she told me she knew my grandson was in the truck actually it was three of them in the truck. Something needs to be done about this horrible mean grumpy ass lady she's very hateful I'm sorry that shape the world and she's mean to people but I didn't cost her sadness or anger. My name is Consuelo Casias my phone number is 505-252-0072 My Work number is 505-727-5910 I am a nurse at Lovelace medical center with the neuroscience center. I read all your rules and regulations did not want to see where if a grandson or minor standing next to you they can you cannot sell cigarettes to the adult person that it indeed is showing you a drivers license and ID and clearly you can see that I'm over 30 years old I've got the wrinkles to prove it…

Saturday, August 05, 2017

I have been going to the circle K on 2nd & Osuna for 18years I'm 52 years old I go every 3 days 365 days a year for cigarettes everyone has sold me the same thing all the time well this new employee sold me cigarettes the first time and asked for my ID I showed it to her. That was fine but the second and third time she didn't ask for my ID that's cause the other employees welcomed me and said hi they now what I go there for as the new employee but one afternoon she was at the counter by herself and I asked for cigarettes she asked me for my ID I told her she's carded me a couple of days ago and she said I don't care so I was going to give my ID but then she refused to sell to me and I I've seen you not ask for ID to customers that go buy liquor and remember them from another time she said she didn't care she didn't want to sell to me I left but later I video taped her not asking costumers for ID. She was a birch and rude if I would be a guy then she wouldn't of had a problem but she only asked for ID only to the people whom she wants to be hateful to if you're going to card customers at every time especially for customers that come for the same thing all the time fine but do it to everyone all the time not just certain customers.

more than 6 months ago

I don't live in New Mexico but come out here for work. This morning is the third time I have been in the store at 3213 N Main St in Roswell. When I was there in the afternoon a while back a cool, happy big black guy was working and everything was great. This morning is the second time I have stopped by in the morning. This store smells so horrible that I won't be going back. Both times I have been in the morning it is like they just mopped the floor with the dirtiest possible mop and toilet water. I'm not trying to be mean I just think someone from the corporate office needs to go buy in the morning and just go in from a customer's point of view. I'm sure this is not how Circle K wants to be represented. I've managed several restaurants and I would be disgusted if I came in my restaurant and it smelled like this. A new mop head is not that expensive and it doesn't take that much extra time to wash the nip bucket every once in a while. When walking in I was planning on getting a donut but after that smell hitting me when I opened the door I no longer wanted to eat anything from this store. Please go and check this store out, it is gross.

more than 6 months ago

Worst customer service I was rudly hung up on a guy at the ridge crest circle k in Rio rancho. He told me f*** u stop calling the store and bother which I only called twice to ask why I couldn't get a lottery ticket. Very unprofessional worst customer service I will not be returning to that location ever again being treated as a regular customer. He does not need to be working there with that type of attitude. His name was R**** he also didn't want to give his name when I asked and hung up on me twice .

more than 6 months ago

Worst customer service. I was rudly treated by a associate. I called to ask why he wasn't selling lottery tickets to me as I am of age. His name was R***** he hung up on me and told me f*** u stop calling the store. He hung up on me twice and was very rude. He should not be working there if that's how he treats customers. I highly recommend not going back to this gas station on Ridgecrest in Rio rancho.

more than 6 months ago

Circle K on San Mateo and McLeod STOLE my husband's ID-after already selling him alcohol! If you want to be someone's AA sponsor work somewhere else. Was also always dirty, sticky counters, not stocked etc.

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